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This is where you find me exploring a variety of creative adventures mostly about but not limited to quilting. I'm a firm believer that one increases their creativity by being open to and playing with a variety of cretative endeavors ... at least that my excuse for today. Enjoy your sourjourn through my studio playroom. May you find encouragement and inspiration, and on occassion, a little pin-prick that may be thought-provoking or spark your imagination. Thank you for stopping by.

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    Posted by mountaintopquilting on Saturday, February 19th, 2011


    Have you seen the new patterns going up in the store over the last few days? I had a few minutes to play with a new wholecloth design in Creative Studio. This mockup features patterns from a new collection coming together called FEATHER SURPRISE. Individual patterns used in this mockup include:

    1459 FS BLK 1   1462 FS BLK 2

    1466 FS BLK 3  1470 FS BOR 2

    1471 FS BRD CORNER

    All of these patterns are offered with a discounted introductory price for just one week so you'll not want to miss out on a great deal. The collection of all the patterns is a steal with not only the whole-meal-deal package discount but the discounted intro price making it an offer you'll not want to resist.

    Keep learning ... keep creating ... and keep it fresh

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