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This is where you find me exploring a variety of creative adventures mostly about but not limited to quilting. I'm a firm believer that one increases their creativity by being open to and playing with a variety of cretative endeavors ... at least that my excuse for today. Enjoy your sourjourn through my studio playroom. May you find encouragement and inspiration, and on occassion, a little pin-prick that may be thought-provoking or spark your imagination. Thank you for stopping by.

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    Posted by mountaintopquilting on Saturday, December 10th, 2011

    mistletoe stamp ping TODAY is the day at least for my Oregon Scrappy Sisters - I miss you guys. It's MISTLETOE MAGIC 2011 our annual Christmas quilting party. Time to get together and celebrate long term lasting friendships while enjoying the craft of quilting for the whole day.

    Of course, there is the occassional chocolate treat sneaked in here and there along with a few plates of Christmas cookies and all the stuff needed for the traditional holiday lunch. The day wouldn't be complete without a gift exchange - this year, it must be consumable. We all have enough STUFF and don't need more so whatever you choose to wrap in the pretty gift paper should be something that can be eated or cut up and sewn back together into a quilting project. All in all, after 10 years of celebrating together, December just isn't the same without having this day of honoring our sisterhood.

    If you've been following along through each of the steps as you work on the quilting project for MMAG 2011 this year, you should be getting ready to join the block units together and be getting a start on your stack of complete blocks. Assembling the blocks:

    mmag 2011 blk unit collection

    Everything you need to make one block.

    mmag 2011 block assembly 1

    Make two sets with patches joined together like this. One will be the top row of the block and one will be the bottom row of the block.

    mmag 2011 block assembly 2

    Make one of these for each block ... the center row of the block.

    mmag 2011 block assembly 3

    Join the block row units together as shown to complete the block. The block should square to 12 1/2" and I pressed the seams to the center for the middle row and to the outsdie for the top and bottom rows so I was able to snug the seam intersections up close and tight when I joined each row section to the next. Keep going like this until you have the needed number of blocks for the size quilt you're making. Sneak in a Christmas cookie or piece of fudge here and there just to keep your energy up while you work your way through the finishing of your blocks.

    Remember to leave some love in the comment box as well as your suggestions for this poor as yet nameless quilt.

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