CUSTOM QUILTING IN JULY Posted on 3 Jul 00:00 , 3 comments

A vintage cross-stitched quilt - top was done by mom and grandma years ago and is brought out to be finished for the daughter's wedding. What a family treasure!





The quilt fits a queen sized bed and I used bottom line thread to minimize the look of the stitches as I worked across the cross-stitching. I also basted the whole quilt before I started quilting to help stabilize the sandwich as this was much the same as working with a wholecloth quilt.


Inner border detail ... these little scallops were part of the printed design on the quilt top. I measured on for height and width and then used the repeat pattern function to space them evenly across the quilt.

And the tricky part ... how to get around the corner with those scallops ??? I like the way the pointy arrow leads the eye to the corners of the inner square.

The scallops help soften all the linear quilting.

... and more detail photos ...