IN THE STUDIO 10/27 Posted on 27 Oct 00:00 , 0 comments

It's a longarm day ... Regina's quilt is up first. A simple edge-to-edge for a comfy throw size quilt to be cozy during the cold winter months here in New England is the order of the day. 

Regina pieced this quilt at a Winter Retreat for "just us gals." Everyone helped me test the patchwork pattern giving me good feedback and encouragement while we kept our sewing machines humming along the seams. We chose a quilting design in keeping with the soft vintage floral prints found in the fabrics and I'm using Signature Praline Pink for the thread on top and in the bobbin. 

The pattern we're using is 1548 DAISY SWIRL E2E. The pattern is designed at a little larger than 12" for pattern height and width. I increased the size to about 15" to provide for a more open quilting design ... more fitting with Regina's plans for it to be used as a snuggle piece.