A MORNING ROUTINE Posted on 14 Dec 19:50 , 1 comment

Getting the morning off to a good start happens more frequently if I follow a routine. It doesn't have to be stressful or fast paced. But my easily-distracted self just functions better if the "possibilities" have limits.

And to that end mornings for me are usually coffee, crossword and cruising the Pinterest boards to see what's new since yesterday. Sounds silly, but each one of these routines has a purpose:   

  • COFFEE: gets my brain awake and "juiced" up while helping me feel cozy - especially on these cold snowy mornings. I don't drink morning coffee near as much in the summer, so I guess it's more cozy and stoked - kinda helps me ease into my morning.
  • CROSSWORD: my left-brain creativity ... which that in itself sounds like an oxymoron. I feel like this is a very structured and yet creative activity helping me to look at "stuff" differently and think outside the box and improve my problem-solving skills.Plus I love mental challenges.

CRUISING: Pinterest is just the best. It has replaced all those magazine pictures and bits of paper I would have here and there in my someday piles. It's so cool to see what other people are doing - all the amazing ideas and color combinations people come up with. This is one that gets my right-brain juices really going and then I'm ready to start my day.

Today I share some of my favs from my someday Christmas quilting board.


I've always been a fan of Pam Bono's patterns.This is a FREE pattern available on the American Quilters Society website. I don't have need of another tree skirt but  love the trees.

 There are all kinds of Christmas wreath patterns floating around out there on the internet but this one from Martingale by Mary Hickey really grabbed my attention. I love the simplicity of the piecing, the flowy ribbon, but especially, I love the ribbon/stitched border.

You will find this "peaky and spike" unit showing up in several of my quilts and quilt patterns. I've pieced it just about every way there is to piece it ... paper piecing, tri-recs rulers, and my new favorite ... Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Designs V Block ruler which allows for the last-step-precision-piecing-trim-to-size last step. This runner made by sewcialstash.blogspot.com is just perfect for dressing up the holiday table. The pattern for this runner can be found in this BOOK.

I have a real thing for Santas and think this little hanging by BobKat Quilts is just the cutest thing ever. Great straight line quilting to really enhance the patchwork units. I couldn't find a link to this pattern anywhere in my searches ... but ... do you recognize the same triangle shapes again. 

Chevron patterns are all the rage these days and I don't usually visualize this patchwork unit as making a chevron pattern, but here it is ... my long-time quilting friend Vickie called this her favorite block because it is so easy to create so many different repeating patterns and blocks depending on the layout. I like how Ryan Walsh Quilts has created a great zigzag pattern to use as a border as quilt top rows. You'll find a great tutorial HERE to see how it's all done.

Don't you just love this fun spin on a pineapple block ... another Christmas cactus flower! Amazing patchwork by quilter_Lindae on flikr. But I do have to be honest ... this one will most-likely stay in my someday pile for a long time.  


... sigh ...

... snowflakes falling ...

... dreaming ...