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0919: underneath ... the longarm. As far as I'm concerned the possibilities for storage in the studio under the longarm machine are highly under-rated. I find this space is one of the best spaces where I can really pack away a lot of stuff. I don't know about you, but if I don't see it, I tend to forget about it. So, if I keep these tubs right in plain sight I've increased the chances of my opening them and dealing with the contents.

The original intention - the way the machine was designed - was to use this space for a continuous feed of batting which really doesn't suit my needs the way I find most of my work needing to be done.

Most people either bring in their own batting with the quilt top and backing or they buy from the stock I carry. I find myself cutting each length of batting as needed from the nifty batting pole storage system my carpenter set up for me. The rolls of batting are set up on a pipe system that allows me to either simply slide the roll off the inner pipe or I can swing the pipe around and pull batting off the roll for measuring and cutting right on the table.


Another nifty idea Jamie came up with is the addition of baby gates to the ends of my machine. Miso, my Sheba Inu sweetie dog was just an insatiable chewer when she was a puppy. I was in a constant state of fear she was going to chew through the cables hanging from the back of the machine. Not to worry now. The machine is rolled close enough to the studio wall so the baby gates when extended serve as a great fence for keeping Miso out of places where she should go. Also works great for grandkids. :)

Just a few tricks of the trade that make life a little bit easier in the studio. 

And, you're right, sad to say, the tubs underneath the longarm are UFO's

... sigh ... someday ...