POMEGRANATE FRUIT OF THE GODS Posted on 18 Nov 02:00 , 0 comments

They're back ... tis the season of the pomegranate once again for another year. I saw them in the grocery while shopping this afternoon and was so tempted to get one. I remember picking the seeds out of the peel and juice running down my chin as I feasted on the "nectar of the gods" when I was ten or twelve. Nothing tasted sweeter and was more of an unexpected treat of goodness than eating the seeds of this lucious fruit. 

Isn't this the most beautiful painting? Let's get credits out of the way first before we get on with all I have to say about this fruit. You can go here or click on the image to get a copy to use as a free wallpaper on your computer. I think it is perfect for the upcoming holiday season without being connected with any particular faith in one way or the other. In fact, the pomegranate is and has been a symbol of prosperity and abundance in nearly every civilaztion worldwide since time began.

Aside from all the symbolism and the health benefits of this tasty fruit this image served as design inspiration for a project I'm working on. The patchwork pattern is a work in progress at this point ... nearly ready for testing ... but the quilting design is all finished and ready for sharing with you.

First, the block quilting design: 1536 POMEGRANATE BLOCK

And then, the block design on the patchwork quilt top:

Stay tuned for more about the patchwork pattern after Thanksgiving ... in fact, for those of you participating in Mistletoe Magic this year, this is a little sneak peak of our project.

Want to know more about this tasty tidbit ... go HERE to read all about pomegranates and check out some tasty recipes or get some new ideas for how to use the seed of this tasty berry.