1 SQUARE + 1 SQUARE = STARS Posted on 14 Nov 18:40 , 0 comments

How can that be? How can 1 dark square in a square plus 1 light square in a square equal a star?

But look, when you put them all together alternating light and dark, stand back and look again and you'll start to see stars popping out all over. The funny things is that I didn't see the stars while I was quilting this quilt for Sandy. It wasn't until I was taking pictures after I was all finished that I saw the secondary pattern of stars. It is a classic case of using the reducing lens (looking through the lens of your camera or using the peephole unit without the door, lol, or even using a set of binoculars backwards) to get a different view of your quilt. Try it - you'll be amazed by a change in perspective.

I used a customer favorite as a quilting pattern across the quilt top for Sandy ... 1102 RIPPLES.