1375 LOOPY STARS Posted on 9 Jul 12:35 , 0 comments

Brenda finished this quilt recently as a gift for her grandson. She wanted me to use a pattern with stars and loops. Nearly every designer has a pattern using a combination of circles or loops and stars in their catalog, and in fact, I own most of them. However, I couldn't find one that was balanced that fit my style of quilting in the way the patterns are balanced in terms of spacing and size. I also wanted a more circular line design for my loops.

It was time to dust off the mouse and add my voice to all the stars and loops patterns available to the quilters of the world. This pattern is designed at about a 10" square making the stars ranging in size between one and two inches. Most of the time my pattern set up ends up with two 9" rows making the stitch-out time pass quite quickly as well as, keeping the stars and circles just the right size - not too big and not too small.

Have fun changing this pattern around to fit your design needs - rotate four times at 90 degrees to form a new block or wrap it around the corner to make a "star-studded" border.

And the GOOD NEWS ... if you're reading this blog post you will find this pattern offered as a freebie! Enjoy!!! Use it on a soldier quilt. Leave some love if you enjoy the freebies you find and use from Mountaintop Quilting.