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sindy quilt frontSindy and her friends wanted to make a quilt - a grandma quilt - for a new baby due to arrive in May. They gathered their scraps and yardage and set to work. I think the outcome is just perfect fr comfy cozy grandma snuggle times. Sindy chose to use a very thin batting for the quilt of which I'm not normally a fan but it is a perfect choice in this case. The batting is soft and light-weight. It will wash up beautifully giving the quilt a wonderful antique puckery look and will be just right for the warmer summer days. The fabric selection is also perfect for picnics and a baby play mat on the grass. Well done girls.

We kept the quilting very simple and traditional. This isn't a quilt that is stiff with quilting nor would you want it to be. This quilt is to be used rather than hung in the baby's nursery room or packed away in the baby treasures box. Grandma is all set to start making memories with this new littlebaby as soon as it arrives on the scene.

The patterns used on the quilt are:

  1. A very traditional 4 Corner Heart block -1481 BABY HEARTS; I love the way the connections in the center frame the block center 4-patch.
  2. Another traditional antique daisy block for the floral setting plain blocks 1482 ANTIQUE DAISY (some of the research I did indicated this motif has been found on quilts dating as early as 1850)
  3. A single simple 1/4" echoing in the setting triangles helps to frame the quilt body; some might argue that additional quilting should be in the triangles. I think when the quilt it washed the antique soft puckering feel will look good as they are. This is where personal preferences come into play. What does your eye like determines whether more quilting would be added to these triangles. I used the P2P Line to keep the quilting at a perfect fit inside the pieced triangles.

 The border pattern is 1113 VF HEART BORDER. I wanted to carry to "love" all the way out to the edges by continuing with the heart theme. I also wanted a pattern that would create a finite edge along the inside framing border. That gives the appearance of stitching in the ditch without having to add that additional time consuming step and keeping the cost of the quilting more affordable.

sindy opening photo

The patterns can be found here: