SURFACE DESIGN EXPERIMENTING Posted on 1 Apr 17:43 , 0 comments

... and speaking of books, how about this funny video about the "new technology" of the Middle Ages - the invention of the book and the need for a little on-site tech help.


This week I've been experimenting and testing my options for surface design with my art quilt called Ostinato. I tried:

  • inks by themselves (pretty hard to get the color saturationin combination with the effects I want)
  • various metallic markers (sure wish they came with a fine tip - I like to use this medium right along the stitching line as a highlight)
  • Paint Stik GOLD (I like the way I could follow the stitching line and feather the pigment out with my fingers. Also like the way I can start light and add more if I want)
  • copper/gold glitter pens (I like the way the light catches on the glitter particles for shimmering and highlights. DO NOT like the copper/orange by itself. NOTE TO SELF: use this as a last step adding color/highlights over color that is already in place.)

The effect I liked the best was done in this order:

  1. Lay down gold Paint Stik first, following the stitching line and pulling the color down across the quilted clam shape with my fingers. (still a child-like finger painter at heart)
  2. With the Tsuniko Inks ... use the fine-tip sponge brush and #73 to add color highlights along the stitching line. May play with dry brush to add hints of color in the quilted clam shape.
  3. Use the glitter pens with a LIGHT hand to add aditional highlighting.

Keep color mainly along the stitching line so it gets lighter an even to nothing as I come further out in the quilted clam shape.