DRAGONFLY BLOSSOMS Posted on 25 Aug 18:13 , 1 comment


  • Have you gotten your copy of the September issue of American Quilter?
  • Did you see page 68?
  • Did you happen to notice the name of the designer for Dragonfly Blossoms? You're right if you guessed my name.

It was a long time in coming but finally the pattern made it to publication. The piecing techniques follow the same process as outlined in my book Curves That Connect. Minimal pinning and use of the stiletto to help in matching the curved edges of the patches make this difficult looking patchwork as easy as pie! You can see detail photo and written instruction on page 72.

When you take a second look at the cutting and piecing instructions for the pattern you will notice that it works very well as a technique sampler as you explore or refine your piecing skills. Full scale templates are included with the pattern. I like to use the extra thick template plastic when making templates for patchwork patterns. Many times I will cut two of the same template piece out the plastic and stick them together with strategically placed double sided sticky tape to make the template just a little more sturdy. I will also use the smallest rotary cutter (18mm) because the blade is so small I would have to work really really hard to shave off part of my template.


The pattern also includes photos of possible quilting designs to be used once the top is pieced. I1163_GOSSAMER_COLLECTION_NEW took advantage of the secondary designs created from the patchwork to guide in the quilting design process helping to to create a look similar to a cathedral window.                                                                                                                                                                                                      You have seen this collection in my catalog ...  a collection of  block patterns, a triangle pattern, and an E2E pattern. You can see more details about this collection HERE.