HANGING QUILTS Posted on 7 Jan 12:50 , 0 comments

I don't know about you, but I do love the warm cozy feeling created in my home by hanging my quilts. In fact, I had a real laugh at myself one day last spring after taking a mixed-media art class. We were encouraged to hang our art  or maybe even create a gallery wall in our home with our art.
I said to myself, "What a good idea,"  and started to sort through my pieces of art to mount on canvas and prepare for hanging. As I looked around my walls, there was no space to hang my art. My walls are covered with quilts. Silly me LOL! My art is hanging. I just need to make room for more and include pieces of my mixed media art as well as my quilts.
Here is a video I stumbled upon recently with a good solution ... an alternative to the traditional full-width-tube or rod-pocket ... for creating a hanging sleeve. It's worth taking a look (or revisiting) and keeping in mind for the next quilt on your list.