DARLENE'S QUILT Posted on 11 Dec 14:20 , 0 comments

Darlene left a quilt with me to finish for her before Christmas. The quilt is to be a gift for her handyman and as we all know, guy quilts can present challenges in terms of design choices. Darlene looked through the catalog of my designs and made her choices ... for the blocks 1030 Vintage Lily (included in 1000 FREEBIE BUNDLE) and for the strips and the borders 1082 LEAF CURL BORDER. We also decided using a wiggly line to "faux ditch" the framing border would be adequate and help keep the cost of the gift within reason.

I love the piecing pattern of the quilt and the fabrics. Darlene told me she purchased the quilt top as a kit from a magazine - not sure which one. Isn't it a great collection of fabrics and I love the simplicity of the repeating pinwheel blocks.

The blocks were easy to drop in beginning with a 45° rotation of the block and remembering to reset the block margin back to a 1/4" all the way around. When I was working with the wholecoth repeating designs I had changed the margin to 1/16" - almost touching but not quite. Too close for a block margin on a pieced quilt. Isn't it great how easily blocks can be re-sized with a computerized quilting system. The blocks in the quilt body were about 9" and the border blocks were about 6".

I'd forgotten how easy the leaf curl border was to set up using the P2P function. I designed the pattern so the start/end falls on the mid-line. This means all you have to do is establish the pattern height according the amount of breathing space you decide to leave from the edge of the quilt and/or the adjacent border and then determine the number of repeats needed to fill the space. Measuring was needed for the borders but the strips were super easy because I was able to use the block intersections as a guide for the pattern width.

Darlene loved the results - so do I. I think this would make a great QOV quilt ... great size and easy pattern that would look great in the country reds and blues.

  • BATTING: Warm Bond 80/20
  • TOP THREAD: Top-King Tut 954 Shifting Sands
  • BOBBIN-Signature 100% Cotton ... Fawn