APPLIQUE PLAY DAY Posted on 24 Jan 09:22 , 0 comments

They say tha many hands make light work and that was never more true than last Thursday when the three of us got together to tackle the applique projects. What a fun day we had playing with a new-to-us applique method. Marje, Juanita, and I got together to work on preparing our applique shapes using Pearl Pereira's tools and techniques.

We used several layers of freezer paper to prepare to templates; we applied liquid starch to the edges/seam allowances after ironing the templates onto the fabric and cutting them out leaving a seam allowance all the way around. and then ironed the starched seam allowance edges over the template. The starched seam allowances make a nice firm creased edge so when you're ready to begin stitching, hand or machine applique will work great.

Marje worked on a flower block that has been in her UFO box for way more years than anyone wants to count.

Juanita worked on the flowers for the applique border of her Sweet Nothings quilt top.

I've had lots of days in the past getting together with friends to work on cutting "kits" for quilts. We chat and cut and have a potluck lunch and cut some more. The day goes quickly and we each have a least one quilt that is ready to go for the next "quilting bee" or retreat. It makes the tedium of cutting go more quickly. But I've never done the same with applique ... well, that's because I have to think long and hard before I commit to an applique project. But I think I've found the secret to making the "A-Word" projects a little bit more palitable ..

I like using Pearl's method ... and ... I like doing all the prep work with friends.

Want to have some fun with applique? We purchased Pearl's Applique Starter Kit which I highly recommend. Every time I watch the DVD I pick up some little tidbit here or there I had missed or forgotten. Now I can review and stop/start whenever, wherever I need.

And, invite some friends over to "play" on an applique project along with you.