1381 CUT LACE COLLECTION Posted on 9 Mar 18:06 , 0 comments

It wasn't in the plan. It wasn't on the map. Scheduled for release next week but I just couldn't wait. I got so excited about the possibilities of this collection. I couldn't stop rearranging pieces and parts to make up a new wholecloth design.

What makes this such a great collection is the addition of unusual shapes. We don't usually work with trapezoids. Diamonds come into our design play on occasion but not very often. But what fun doors to design play open up to the brave, to the bold, to the "outside the box inside the lines" thinkers.

The different blocks and shapes are well-balanced in the use of positive and negative space allowing them to mix and match with ease across the quilt top.

The use of the two different triangles in the outer border and "mitering" the corners by rotating the triangles to the 45 creates a visually appealing outer edge to the inner pattern which is created with a center 9-patch layout surrounded by a row of single block pattern.

Several pieces of this collection have been in the catalog for sometime, but now they are all gathered together in one versatile collection and being offered at an unbelievably low discounted introductory price through the 22nd of March. Take some time to think about how this might fill some of the gaps in your pattern library (especially when those blazing star quilt tops sneak in through your studio door) and be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer before the collection reverts to the regular price (which is still a steal when compared to buying each pattern individually.)

... be brave ...
... be bold ...
... make and share the music of your soul ..