INSPIRATION AND EYE CANDY Posted on 24 Sep 10:41 , 13 comments

So, to inspire you while you're poking around the nooks and crannies ... browsing and shopping ... a wholecloth quilt using the BEE BALM BLOCKS ... just 4 blocks, an easy layout to follow ... balanced smooth stitching all the way across the quilt top ... 

... need a closer look at those blocks ...

 ...  thanks for shopping with Mountaintop Quilting.


WHAT'S NEW UPDATE: 0321 Posted on 21 Mar 17:43 , 6 comments

I set a goal for myself this year to design 20 new products each month. So far so good and I thought I'd catch you up on the latest designs entered into the store during the last week. Actually, I have added more than 20 new products to the store each month so far, but I'm trying to get ahead because I know it will be much harder to focus on Mountaintop work during the summer months when I "moonlight" as an inn-keeper during the Tanglewood Season. Fun times, busy times, but fun times.
Want to see all of the new designs and fun stuff entered into the store since January 01? All you have to do is choose SHOP CATEGORIES from the menu at the top of the page and 5 pages will pop up for you peruse at your leisure. OR, you could just click on this link: WHAT'S NEW

NEWSLETTER 03042016 Posted on 4 Mar 12:11 , 1 comment

... TODAY ONLY ...
It's a deal you can't pass up ... a must-have FAN FAVORITE (no pun intended LOL)
 1312 FAN E2E for your quilting library.
I had totally forgotten about scheduling this goodie in the DAILY DEALS for you.
You'll want to get right over to the store before midnight tonight.
Grab this pattern at an incredibly low price while you can! 

Lots of new patterns have gone into the store this year ... over 4 pages (nearly 80 in all) of new designs.
But this one 1741 HUGS TRIANGLE has to be a favorite for me.
Isn't that just the prettiest border!
I can't quite figure how you could possible get more value for your dollar spent with this design. It's like the energizer bunny ... it just keeps going and going and going. The design possibilities are endless but here's a few to get you started. 

February was a busy month all the way around  ... lots of fun playing with the design possibilities with quilt tops piecing using a log cabin block style. I put together a little slideshow highlighting patterns that work with these blocks, ran lots of "featured of the week" sales with heart designs, and helped out with some custom work/design consulting on the side with a Mountaintop customer.
Pat did a great job with her Chevron Log Cabin quilt.
It was a good month and win-win for everyone. 
We started here:

And ... ended up here:

... all point-to-point - even the border 1274 POPSICLE STICK P2P E2E
... and that's a wrap-up for the last few weeks ...
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LOG CABIN QUILTING IDEAS Posted on 20 Feb 13:48 , 0 comments

Have fun thinking about the possibilities as you mix-and-match with the point-to-point triangles or you make it simple and drop block designs in each block of the quilt top. It's fun to dream and scheme and play with the possibilities.

QUILT TOP PLAY TIME: LOG CABIN BLOCKS Posted on 16 Feb 09:49 , 0 comments

Design time fun playing with blocks as they come ... or tweaking, mix-and-match, or use them in a different way than intended ... the idea: have fun while creating and learning. 

What's my favorite ... playing with the triangles and mixing and matching to create a whole new look ... because ... what a great way to get double-duty or more value from the quilting designs in the pattern library. That's the best! 


WHOLECLOTH: INSPIRATION & EYE CANDY Posted on 13 Feb 10:55 , 0 comments

... you could be sleeping under this ...
  1. the price is right
  2. the design is beautiful
  3. the layout is easily executed

All you have to do is ...

  1.  get your longarm machine warming up
  2. cut the fabric for the front and back
  3. unwrap the batting
  4. load everything up (fabric and design set up)
  5. start quilting

And while the blocks are stitching out you could sneak in some time to prepare the binding, so you're all set to catch up on your latest TV favorites or Netflix movies while finishing up the edges.

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