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THIS YEAR: 99 NEW PRODUCTS TO DATE ................................... 03232016
Well, who knew ... NATIONAL PUPPY DAY is TODAY! We can not pass up this day.
Let's celebrate with a pop-up sale ... 1147 PUPPY LOVE E2E ...
marked down from $15 to only $9.
Lots of new patterns have gone into the store this year. I set a goal for myself this year to design 20 new products each month. So far so good and I thought I'd catch you up on the latest designs entered into the store during the last week. Actually, I have added more than 20 new products to the store each month so far, but I'm trying to get ahead because I know it will be much harder to focus on Mountaintop work during the summer months when I "moonlight" as an inn-keeper during the Tanglewood Season. Fun times, busy times, but fun times.
You'll notice several block options for the Hunter's Star block pieced using Deb Tucker's Rapid Fire Hunter's Star piecing method/ruler. I'm working on a book sample quilt for one of Deb's designers so we needed several options for her to choose just the right one for her new Hunter's Star design. (more about that in another newsleter) In the meantime ... here's a little sneak peak ...
... the DAILY DEAL ...
You can always find a good deal when you click on the DAILY DEAL tab.
Three new products marked down - different ones each day ... sometimes they are quilting designs
and sometimes they are patchwork patterns.
Not to worry, you'll always find something with a price tag to fit your budget.
Today: three favorites of mine ...
... and that's a wrap-up for the last few weeks ...
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... TODAY ONLY ...
It's a deal you can't pass up ... a must-have FAN FAVORITE (no pun intended LOL)
 1312 FAN E2E for your quilting library.
I had totally forgotten about scheduling this goodie in the DAILY DEALS for you.
You'll want to get right over to the store before midnight tonight.
Grab this pattern at an incredibly low price while you can! 

Lots of new patterns have gone into the store this year ... over 4 pages (nearly 80 in all) of new designs.
But this one 1741 HUGS TRIANGLE has to be a favorite for me.
Isn't that just the prettiest border!
I can't quite figure how you could possible get more value for your dollar spent with this design. It's like the energizer bunny ... it just keeps going and going and going. The design possibilities are endless but here's a few to get you started. 

February was a busy month all the way around  ... lots of fun playing with the design possibilities with quilt tops piecing using a log cabin block style. I put together a little slideshow highlighting patterns that work with these blocks, ran lots of "featured of the week" sales with heart designs, and helped out with some custom work/design consulting on the side with a Mountaintop customer.
Pat did a great job with her Chevron Log Cabin quilt.
It was a good month and win-win for everyone. 
We started here:

And ... ended up here:

... all point-to-point - even the border 1274 POPSICLE STICK P2P E2E
... and that's a wrap-up for the last few weeks ...
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If it has hearts in it and it's and it's an edge-to-edge design it's on sale this week :) 
... and that includes the three new designs I uploaded this week, too.
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vol 1.3 10.05.15


Don't you just love it when you wake up in the morning and the answer you were seeking before you went to bed and all night in your dreams just magically becomes as clear as a bell!

The Project: Custom quilting a New York Beauty quilt

Things to Remember: design scale and balance, block intersections, enhance the piecing, secondary designs in the piecing and the quilting

The Thinking Part: my light-bulb moment ... when I changed my perception from block borders to patch edges. As soon as I saw the curved patches as a larger single triangle unit rather than two separate triangles everything fell into place.

THE PLAN: you can find all of these patterns HERE.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: a blog post about a "guy quilt" and 1102 RIPPLES