FOUND & LOST AGAIN Posted on 14 Jan 09:47 , 0 comments

There is just no hope! In the process of cleaning the studio ... yes, there is a floor under that big machine ...

I've found lots of forgotten projects, and ideas,

I touched lots of fabrics - remember why I bought some and others have a big question mark after WHAT WAS I THINKING!

I found orphan blocks to give away and orphan blocks to keep.

I mamaged to not get distracted and start sewing on any given project. I was good and kept cleaning and sorting. And speaking of sorting ... note to self: this is big sorting today with refined smaller sorting, more specific sorting to happen another day.

And so the story continues ... to review from a previous post ... 

POST FROM MAY 21 2008:  Well look what I found! While searching through my 30's stash of strips, scraps, and fat quarters looking for some missing orphan blocks I found something else I had forgotten all about.

These are birthday blocks pieced for me by members of our Scrappy Sisters quilting group. They were made for me about eight years ago and have been languishing in a drawer waiting for me to have time to get them together into a quilt. As you can see on the table I even have a much rumpled and wrinkled quilt plan.

Along with these single blocks I had four corners of three rows each with the blocks in a horizontal set. I had cut the inside blocks in half to make the corners. Who knows now what on earth I was planning to do. No Electric Quilt printout for that idea ... at least, none found to date.

Our Scrappy Sisters group has a Finishing Club. Each person who joins must contribute $10 and four fat quarters. We report our square inches for each project finished during a quarter. Each person who reports in per quarter has their name in the hat for the drawing of a fat quarter bundle. We have enough participants to have three or four winners each quarter. At the "end of our year" ... our annual retreat in August, the person who has reported the most square inches finished wins the "pot of gold." We've had great fun finishing up our UFO's and getting to those projects that have been on the "want to do" list for several years.

Seems like this just might be the year to get the birthday block quilt finished up and on the bed. Oh, and I never did find those orphan blocks I was looking for. Drat! There's always tomorrow.


2008 wasn't the year the birthday blocks were finished. The quilt didn't make it to the bed; the blocks didin't even make it together into a top! And the worst of it is ... I'VE LOST THE BLOCKS AGAIN!!!! We're doing another birthday block exchange with my small quilt group that meets on Tuesdays. I thought this would be perfect for adding more blocks to make the quilt a larger bedsize quilt. Let's hope we don't have to start all over from scratch.