$ 10.00

Ohhh ... the fun you'll have playing with this design! I love it when such a simple design can be used in so many different ways.

Pattern Width=9.5"     Pattern Height= 4.5"

It could be ...

  • with a little flipping an edge-to-edge pattern with a modern twist
  • keep the flips and play with the vertical spacing to create small circles when the rows overlap
  • texture for pinwheel blocks
  • a new modern twist on the traditional piano key border. Be sure to get the corner triangle 1645 which has some minor adjustments to make everything fit together a little more easily.
Be sure to use the trim feature to contain the stitching within the quilt edges ... so much easier than using "divide patterns." And, if you play with the stitching order you can set up the E2E to sew to the right and then come back sewing to the left. This will help manage any shrinkage issues