$ 15.00

... designed with pattern width at 6.6" and pattern height at 11.5" ... 


... you'll be wanting to adjust the vertical spacing to achieve this effect; these are the settings I  used:

You'll also want to be using the DRAW TRIM INSIDE function so you can trim away those outside edges rather than quilting off the edge of the quilt. I especially love the trim at the bottom edge of the quilt following right along the edge of the quilt fabric.

But the best part: using the machine head to mark my trim boundaries along the top and the sides ... going right up into that canvas area with the trim making sure the stitching is all trimmed away above the top edge of my quilt too.

AND the trim moved right down the quilt with each roll/relocate so I didn't have to redraw a new trim with each "new roll" section.