$ 15.00

... designed to fit a sashing at 12" x 3" ... you will receive a zipped file with 3 different styles of point-to-point of this design so you can play and experiment with the one that works best for you ... 

  1. HALF: click left and then right for the top half of the design ... and then ... click back to the left to complete the pattern with the bottom half of the design. (be sure you click the same point on the left so everything lines up.
  2. LINE: click left and then right ... design is divided with a line that keeps the pattern meeting the P2P qualifiers (enter on the left, exit on the right, start/stop on the same horizontal plane)
  3. OVERSTITCHING: click left and then right ... overstitching is strategically placed to help balance any thread build-up or fabric shifting

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