$ 15.00

Time to play ... remember this pattern 1075 BEAD STRINGS?  Let's switch it up just a bit. If I break apart the beads but keep them as point-to-point ... AND ... minimize the over-stitching, you can mix up the order and change the size to work for just about any space you're trying to fill with ease of execution.

The single plain bead is designed as a 1" bead and the elliptical bead is designed with pattern width at 2.5" and pattern height is at 2". AND ... remember all units are designed to be used with the point-to-point function.

Included in this bundle:
  •  the original pattern 1075 BEAD STRINGS  (some over-stitching)
  • a single bead (minimal over-stitching)
  • a single elliptical bead (no over-stitching)
  • one elliptical bead and one plain bead ... connected

Some inspiration ...